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> How Access Supercross in ROKU?

Supercross made their content available in ROKU for a great viewing experience.


Please be guided by the following steps below on how to access Supercross in Roku

1. On your ROKU channel, search for Supercross then click 'Add Channel

  • This appears a few seconds after clicking Channel of Supercross on Roku 


  • You have the option to choose whether you want to access Live or Replay.


  • Under replay, you can choose what season you'd like to watch.


  • The image below appears if you choose 'Live

From here, you have two options: Link Device or Subscribe



  • If you chose Link Device, you have two choices:
  1. Enter receipt number or
  2. Enter email address


  • If you want to link your device but not yet registered, select 'Enter email address' then click 'Yes, I want to register.' and then enter your password.


After your device was linked you can now 'Subscribe' then enter your Roku PIN to make a purchase.


 You will see this image below, after you have made a purchase or after you entered your Receipt Number:

  • For Live: You will see the countdown of the event before it starts. 


  •  For Replay: You will have an option to Play and Resume


 For more information about Supercross, feel free to explore the website.