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> What is the SEPA payment method?

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is a simple, efficient and secure payment method available to all customers based in the EU. Cleeng supports the SEPA Direct Debit one-off method in more than twenty SEPA countries.

You can use SEPA to purchase a single access to Live events, and video rentals but also to subscribe to the content offered by content owners using Cleeng.

*Please note, that although you receive an immediate access to the content you purchased, the settlement of the charge between Cleeng and your bank takes place a few days later:

– All SEPA Direct Debit transactions (one-off, first and recurring) takes 2 business days.

– First SEPA Direct Debit transaction (one-off and the first transaction of a recurring model) takes 6 business days.

– Recurring SEPA Direct Debit transactions occurs within 3 business days.