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¿Puedo ver los eventos en directo en un dispositivo ROKU?

Some event planners make their events live online, sold with Cleeng, available at ROKU. You can choose to:


  • Offer the event through their own ROKU channel,
  • Or through the brand channel Cleeng, also available on Roku.

Note: Not all event organizers decided to support with Roku. Please be sure to visit the website of the event organizer and check whether they are compatible with Roku to a particular event you want to view.


Option 1. Access to the event through the event organizer with its brand ROKU channel.

If a publisher chose its own channel with your brand, please go directly to their website and look for a section faq / help. You will find that there is a step by step guide.


Option 2. Brand Channel Cleeng


To add the channel to the application Cleeng network Roku, follow these steps using the remote control Roku:

  1. Go to the Roku player shop and look 'Cleeng'. Click to select it and click "Yes" to add Cleeng their "channels".                  
  2. Select the event you want to view.  
  3. Enter your receipt number on the screen. This is on the receipt Cleeng transmitted in an email, after completing your purchase. 



Note: If you have not purchased the event, just use your phone (or tablet / PC) to complete the purchase. The purchase of the event URL will be provided on the screen.

  1. Once you enter the receipt number, you will have immediate access. The live broadcast will start automatically at the time of the event.


Please click on the link to access the channel Cleeng Roku.

What Roku devices work?

You can access the live broadcast of events in all kinds of devices Roku SD and HD.



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