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¿Por qué y cómo borrar la memoria caché y las cookies?

Sometimes it happens that the video stops playing or can not access your account. One reason for this strange behavior may be some bad data posted on the browser cache

Before creating a support ticket to us, try clearing the cache and cookies ..

  1. To clear the cache and cookies on your PC / laptop browser:

Internet Explorer




You can also use the browser refreshes before accessing the content again.

Windows: Control + F5
MAC: ⌘ + Shift + R / Command + Shift + R

  1. To clear the cache and cookies Safari for iOS devices:

                  1 Tap  Settings on the Home screen
                  2- Scroll down and select Safari.
                  3- Tap Delete cookies and data.

  1. Android clear the cache and browser cookies:

                  1- Open your browser
                  2- Touch the Menu | Settings .
                  3 Tap privacy and security .
                  4- Tap Clear cache and delete all cookie data.

Note: You may also want to tap Clear history to delete your browsing history browser and click Delete form data to erase all saved form data.

                  5- Tap OK to continue.

  1. To clear the cache and cookies browser for Windows Phone:

                  1- Open your Internet Explorer.
                  2- Click on the ellipsis (...) in the bottom right.
                  3 Scroll down and tap Settings .
                  4 Scroll down and tap Delete history .
                  5- Tap Delete to confirm .


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